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About Bhagwati Placement Services

About Bhagwati Placement Consulting Services Understands that choosing the Career and JOB consultant is a significant decision in the life of any student and job seekers’ as it can effect the students and job seekers entire life and career, It for this reason that Bhagwati Placement Consulting Services was found in the year 2021. and it also why we are so dedicated to our mission. It is this dedication that strength the trust between and our students and job seekers. we are boosting to be the fasted growing education and career consultants in India. Bhagwati Placement Consulting Services is not just a name or a Company…It is a Passion, A desire to grow, Serve and excell its sucess story is careved by untiring hard work, dedication and otherness of its team members to its caused. I hope that all you will find our team affective in finding you an Ideal Place in an Educational and career Consultant with in the country of your choice. In Conclusion i would like to add that i feel great pride in all our previous work and hope that we will continue to deliver such excellence service long in to the future. With Regards and Best wishesh for all our students and job seekers. SONU TIWARI Managing Director.